vClick 2.0.0 release candidate

Posted on Mon 27 May 2019 in News

vClick v2 release candidate available for use!

vClick is a free wireless visual click-track system for musicians.

This version introduces new features, lots of improvements and numerous bug fixes.

See demo:

The source and binaries can be downloaded from:

New in version 2.0.0:

  • NB! The default OSC port has beeen changed! In version 1 client was listening OSC messages on (and server sending to) fixed port 87878, now the port can be set in settings of both server and client. The default port is now 57878. Bigger port numbers (above 65535) are not supported on MacOS any more. If you use v2 and v1 clients/servers together, make sure that the traffic happens on port 87878!

  • Server's look and layout is changed (ported to QtQuick 2 using Material style).

  • Ability to use several score files (ListView), easy switching between them.

  • Feature to send time (like stopwatch) to clients, also with a playing soundfile (useful for example for for playing a fixed media piece).

  • Remote control from clients to server - it is possible now to start/stop, set bars, start time etc from client.

  • Easier way to set most basic Csound options (Sound/No sound).

  • Experimental Android build of server.


  • Fixed crash if there is not enough fields in tempo line.

  • Fixed one memory leak.

  • Better websocket connection from clients to server.

  • Better layout for delay and intrements row (client). More improvements on layout.

  • Updated Windows version to build with MSVC 2017.

  • iOS build complies with iOs 12.

  • Csound v6.12 used as engine in Server

Known issues

  • mp3 playback does not work on Windows and MacOS (server)

  • Time Options layout (client) does not fit on smaller screens

Report issues

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